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Peter Dinklage & his family at the park! x

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The Problem Of Hans →




Instead of making post lashing out at all the Hans apologist posts out there on tumblr, I decided a more effective approach would be to explain what I’m seeing, why it’s happening, and why I don’t like it. This is not a hate post (so do not even try to say “don’t tag your…

1. “Hans is a tragic figure because he’s a consequence of being raised without love,” Jen Lee has said. So you can forget all that “unreliable narrator” and “his childhood didn’t really affect him” -schtick.

2. He doesn’t lie to Elsa, technically. At the fjord, Hans actually believes Elsa cursed Anna to death, as Anna was clearly dying, only the true love’s kiss could save her and there was no-one to kiss her. Worse, he thinks Elsa murdered Anna intentionally, as that’s how Anna tells it to him. (“Elsa struck me with her powers”.) He fully believes Elsa is a dangerous witch who has cursed her own sister to death and frozen the kingdom, and the only way to save everyone is to “kill Elsa and bring back summer”.

3. Elsa didn’t kill the two Weselton men only because Hans interfered. She would have killed at least one of them otherwise and become a murderer. Hans knows this. So Elsa tried to kill people before and has now cursed her own sister, she’s very dangerous - so he tries to subdue her through subterfuge, to shock her into passiveness with laying Anna’s death at her feet. It works, too. Good tactics.

4. Hans never tried to kill Anna, he just gave up and dropped the charade when he thought Anna was doomed to die. Still dickish, but not “trying to kill her”, come on. Elsa almost killed Anna, not Hans.

5. He didn’t show up in Arendelle “plotting to murder both sisters”, he showed up plotting to charm Elsa and marry her. Elsa was too distant, so he set his sights for the second-in-line-princess instead. The killing business only came into play when it looked like it would be useful/necessary.

Maybe he actually did plan to arrange an “accident” for the Queen after he’d be married to Anna, maybe that was just an extra twist of the knife for theatrics at a point where he already knows Elsa has to die for the sake of the kingdom, I don’t know. In any case after the prison scene it’s clear to him that Elsa needs to die as she can’t thaw the winter - and he looks genuinely sad at that realisation.

Hans is a very interesting, grey character. I can understand if you want to hate him due to identifying so strongly with Anna that the emotional response is still too strong; go ahead. But please don’t try to somehow justify your hate by twisting things into something they’re not or cherrypicking things while ignoring others or flat-out lying or pretending that you’re just “worried” that people would actually flock to manipulative assholes in real life. Just because you like a twisted, tragic character doesn’t mean you want to actually surround yourself with such people, for chrissakes. The field of entertainment is full of ambiguous anti-heroes and no-one is wringing their hands that oh god all these women watching Game of Thrones will surely have horrible futures because they like Bronn or Tyrion or Jaime and liking a character automatically means “sees them as ideal husband material”. Seriously.

Hans is tragic, whether you like it or not, and he does have a realistic shot at redemption. He is also a selfish douche. He’s ambiguous. That’s why he’s so great as a character.

(I do, however, agree with dorky Hans being just a facade, you can see it in his facial microexpressions when with Anna.)

Took the words right out of my mouth. Thank you. Finally somebody with an ounce of sense. (Also thank fucking god I am not the only in this fandom that sees the micro-expressions when he’s with Anna.)

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